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As you've probably seen from the showreel currently on our main page we undertake lots of work from so many fields it really isn't easy to narrow what we do down to one specific area.

So we've created some mini showreels that just focus on a specific topic, discipline, or method of film production. Hopefully, this can help you decide if you require any of these for your particular film production.


Although; please understand these are just a selection we cover so much more, such as Corporate Events, Live Streaming, Video Podcasting, Virtual Studio Production, Live Theatre, Fast Turn-around Event Capture (same-day delivery), and much, much more. 

If you need it filmed the chances are we've got it covered, but if you've seen a technique, visual style, or element whether on YouTube, Social Media, or TV that you'd like to use in your production, we're always hungry to learn more, to further increase our knowledge base, and we're very happy to get hands-on with all the latest cutting-edge filmmaking gear so just let us know.  


Product Film Production

We have a dedicated studio space for a multitude of products. Product development or prototype filming, food and beverage elements. RED90 has macro and slow-motion facilities to capture the tiniest details of your products. Studio-specific lighting helps us create the ideal scenario for your products.


Aerial Film Production

We are a fully licensed drone company and use this aerial footage to enhance and complement our on-ground filming work. We have a number of drones featuring the latest 5K sensors, for internal work we have smaller more compact systems.


Travel Films

A significant part of our work involves traveling across the world and filming in some amazing locations from the desert to the Arctic and everywhere in between. We've shot 5 star luxury travel destinations and military hardware testing, African safari, frozen waterfall ice climbing and so there's nothing we're not willing to give it a go.



Much of our day-to-day work is in factories, foundries, labs, and production facilities. We love to film high-impact visual operations so anything with sparks, robots, or fire, if you make something and need it captured we're more than happy to get on our PPE and get our hands dirty. Aerial, slow motion, macro, or time-lapse we've got the specialist tools to best promote your manufacturing facilities, and processes or even to better evaluate your current procedures.


Animation & VFX

2D or 3D animation adds that little something extra to your production. Increasing production value to grab more attention here are some additional examples to those shown in main showreel.

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