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Welcome to Red90

Whether it's TV commercials, pilot shows, corporate films, internal/external comms, product development /marketing, website, or social media content, at RED90 we pride ourselves on delivering your ideas and concepts through the highest quality media content, not only on time and on budget, but with passion and flair. 


With many of our clients based around the world, our experienced crew has filmed in many beautiful locations and in challenging conditions from the desert, to the Arctic, out on safari, and everywhere in between. We have widespread experience in traveling across continents to deliver your vision. 


Filmed content is now the main driving force in marketing. Sharing emotions, not just cold facts and figures will enable you to engage with a wider audience. It's never been easier to connect with more people across the world, which makes your business a truly global one.

red90 Services


We're a self-contained, multi-skilled production company that specialises in taking your ideas from a creative concept through to production. However you need your project delivered from ultra high quality 4K, live streamed from a fully virtual studio to your audience, via time lapse or in super slow motion, from an aerial perspective, or even an underwater view point, we've got it covered.


Animation and visual effects can create an eye catching and memorable treatment for your logo or brand. It can help present complex or technical information in an easy to digest and engaging format. Illustrate future projects, envision large scale developments, prototypes and product development or visualise abstract concepts. We can create stunning visual effects or styles to make your project stand out from the crowd.


Within our core team we operate a highly experienced and creative aerial filming unit, fully licensed with CAA operational authorisation. We regard our aerial filming as an extension of our film making philosophy. Using the latest in camera drone technology we can provide you the benefits of an aerial perspective that will greatly enhance your production.

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Scott Carey

Production designer, camera operator and film editor. Scott handles all the technical aspects of our productions, allowing us to keep up to speed with the latest advances in film production technology.

An obsessive about the latest equipment and techniques ensures we are continually able to offer you the shots that both inspire and impress.

007 Lee RED90.jpg

Lee Hallett

Animation, graphics and editing. Lee has a huge wealth of broadcast experience, having worked for the BBC for over a decade on such programmes as Dr. Who, Human Planet, Being Human and Torchwood. His knowledge and expertise allows us to bring cutting edge animation and graphics to any production.

004 Martin RED90.jpg

Martin Phillips

Production manager, camera operator, editor, and (OA licensed) drone pilot and founder of RED90. Starting in media straight from college he has almost 30 years as a professional in the industry. This extensive knowledge and experience has brought us clients such as the BBC, Channel 5, and multiple FTSE 250 companies.

For larger productions, we are extremely proud to work with a fantastic team of highly trusted individuals from the media industry, photographers, camera operators, sound and lighting engineers. 

These hand-picked professionals enhance our core team, and most importantly share our vision to create the highest quality productions for our clients.

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Tel. +44 (0) 7815 196 670



Unit 5
Waddington House
Llanover Business Centre

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LOUISE Phillips

Studio manager and administration. Ex-bank manager Louise ensures the smooth running of the business, arranging contracts, studio bookings, along with invoicing and payments.


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